Productivity Improvement



A PFI Productivity Improvement Program is a transformation of total management culture and operation system, which will produce measurable result in productivity improvement by enhancing the managerial ability of corporations, management, replace entrenched and counterproductive methods with productive and profitable techniques and install a system that gives front line supervisors control at the point of execution.
First we meet a Chief Executive Officer of an Organization. If we feel potential is available, we than conduct a preliminary analysis of the operation. The analysis is conducted at Proven Force own expense with only small commitment fee to the client. At the completion of the study we submit a report, if our finding indicated there are solid opportunities for improvement. When accepted, we proceed into the project. We implement! At least 70% of the client’s cost should be recovered during the project period with a 250% return of investment one year following the completion of the project. Education is the key to success of every project.

Proven Force works with the client’s managers and supervisor, continually posting questions that encourage them to rethink their entire operation, so that they see how and where improvement can be made. Then, Proven Force Training Program introduces each level of management to methods that will ensure the universal understanding and acceptance of a new way of doing things.
Proven Force invites organizations in any industry anywhere to take up challenge and improve their operations wit us. If your organization is serious about improving productivity, we are prepare to begin a partnership with you.


Since its establishment in 2003 PFI converted opportunities into success stories. Our clients praised PFI Team for being able to work well with their organizations and deliver result. Testimonies from Hitachi, Medco Group, Nippon Indosari Corporindo, Frisian Flag, Bentoel Prima and among other proved that the result show in their performance. After ten years of serving industries, PFI has proven it self a worthy partner for companies who are looking toward continuous improvement.


  1. Enhanced your management
  2. ROI at least 250% annually
  3. Guarantee to the project
  4. Long term relationship
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