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Outsourcing Legal Bases

PFI will always strive hard to maintain the balance between a company’s requirements and the needs of it employees. Taking into account Proven Force Indonesia’s way of thinking and intention to assist companies and employees in maintaining their business activity and positioning the function of outsourcing to its original purpose, that of improving company productivity.

PFI as an intermediary fully comprehends the ramifications of a non-professionally conducted mediation. The inherent professionalism of the people at PFI has attracted companies such as Central Proteina Prima, Indolok (Chubb Lipps), Cerres, etc to entrust their outsourcing activities to PFI. Companies that outsource their activities.


Assessment and Recruitment

The assessment process is a psychological test activity to determine employee promotion, identification of individual potential and for further development of the company as well as the individual employee. This process comprises four step :

  1. Phase 1 — Job analysis (competency)
  2. Phase 2 — Determination of appropriate assessment tools
  3. Phase 3 — Execution of assessment (psychodynamics)
  4. Phase 4 — Feedback

PFI with it’s head quarters located within the Jababeka Industrial Complex, facilitates the employee assessment service to companies in need of such services. The tools most frequently used among others : IST, WISC, CFIT, TIU, ARMY, ALPHA, EPPS, DISC, PAPICOSTICK, MMPI, BAUM, HTP, DAMM, FDG, Holland Test, Role Play, In Basket, etc.

In contrast, PFI established it’s recruiting activity in response to the needs of regeneration and repositioning required by some corporations due to the dynamic condition of company employee affairs. In this matter, PFI will assist companies in their endeavours.


  1. Increase company focus
  2. Internal resources can be utilized for other activities
  3. Obtain resources not readily available internally
  4. Accelerate the reengineering process
  5. Better industrial relationship (sharing of industrial risk)
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