Energy Efficiency



With the recent focus on Energy Efficiency (EE) as a means to minimize the consumption of the power and reduce both operational costs and environmental damage, such as pollution and climate change. PFI is committed to expanding its methodology to deliver productivity and savings improvements through project designed to impact the use and consumption of energy.

A PFI EE Program begins with a highly specialized audit and analysis of the management culture and operation  system associated with energy use through out accompany to produce measurable and significant result in productivity and savings by enhancing the ability of management supervision as well as improving the performance of existing processes and equipment. The program is a combination of addressing traditional and counterproductive method, system and machinery with productive techniques, efficient system and leading-edge equipment that deliver quantifiable result with the participation and support of front line supervisors at the point of execution.

First we meet the Chief Executive Officer of an Organization. If we feel the potential is available, we than conduct a comprehensive audit and analysis of the operations. The audit and analysis is conducted at the expense of Proven Force. Upon completion of the assessment we submit a detailed report if our findings indicated there are solid opportunities for EE and savings improvement. We accepted, we proceed into the project. We are implementation specialist! The bulk of investment in people, system and equipment is recovered through energy cost savings during the project implementation period. There is a long term continuation of the energy expense reductions which justifies the project investment and provides ongoing savings and income for the client.

Proven Force invites energy intensive organizations in any industry to take up challenge to improve their EE and operational performance with us. If our organization is serious about reducing energy consumption and improving productivity, then we are prepared to consider a working partnership with your organization.


Understanding and technical competence are the key to success in each PFI EE Project. Proven Force works with client’s management, technicians and supervision, posting question that encourage a rethink of energy consumption patterns and use to see how and where improvement can be made. Than PFI introduces appropriate methods, system and equipment to deliver result.


  1. No extra investment
  2. Paid from project savings for new equipment, services and solution
  3. Long-term relationship to reduce energy use
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