The idea of establishing Proven Force Indonesia (PFI) came due to fact that many organizations in Indonesia were not achieving optimal level of productivity and performance. “Proven Force” it self stands for Productivity Improvement Force, which we felt was needed to boost organizations to the next performance level.

Over the years, PFI has proven worthy for its clients by providing and implementing appropriate and effective measures to bring in significant improvements for their operations. We do this by really working together with the management of many organizations, we came to understand that client have a variety of complex obstacels in cross fuction areas.

PFI has widened its services offering in answering our clients and cross functional needs. Besides developing its own internal competencies, PFI has also built strategic alliances and team up with international and local partners who have proven successfull in delivering solutions to their client’s needs. PFI Group will always strive to assist our client in any way possible.

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