• Why choose PFI?
    • Years of productivity improvement experience
    • Focus in end result achievement
    • Proven track record
    • Implementer, not advisor or report writter
    • Local perspectives, global outlook
    • Helicopter view
    • No internal psychological barrier
  • Benefit :
    • Enhanced your management
    • ROI at least 250% annually
    • Guarantee to the project
    • Long term relationship
  • Program :
    • In House Training
    • Outbound Training Program
    • Public Training
    • Motivational Training
    • Enhancement Training
    • Industrial Task Force Program
    • Supervisor Development Program
  • Benefit :
    • Increase company focus
    • Internal resources can be utilized for other activities
    • Obtain resources not readily available internally
    • Accelerate the reengineering process
    • Better industrial relationship (sharing of industrial risk)
  • Benefit :
    • No extra investment
    • Paid from project savings for new equipment, services and solution
    • Long-term relationship to reduce energy use


The idea of establishing Proven Force Indonesia (PFI) came due to the fact that many organizations in Indonesia were not achieving optimal level of productivity and performance. “Proven Force” it self stands for Productivity Improvement Force, which we felt was needed to boost organizations to the next performance level.

Over the years, PFI has proven worthy for its clients by providing and implementing appropriate and effective measure to bring in significant improvements for their operations. We do this by really working together with the management of many organizations, we came to understand that client have a variety of complex obstacels in cross function area.

PFI has widened its services offering in answering our clients and cross functional needs. Besides developing its own internal competencies, PFI has also built strategic alliances and team up with international and local partners who have proven succesfull in delivering solutions to their client’s needs. PFI Group will always strive to assist our client in any way possible.


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Productivity Improvement Training & Outbound Manpower Services Energy Efficiency

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away”

Antoine de Saint Exupery


yupi.fw aio.fw ceres.fw frisian.fw bentoel.fw
PT Yupi Indo Jelly Gum PT Amerta Indah Otsuka PT Ceres Indonesia PT Frisian Flag PT Bentoel Prima
mahkota.fw indolog.fw tiptop.fw mapi.fw temprint.fw
PT Mahkota Indonesia PT Indolog Bakti Utama PT Tip Top Swalayan PT Molten Alumunium Producer PT Temprint


We are focused towards achieving our goals. Our supervisor have better understanding of their roles and responsibilities… As a result of these behavior changes, we have achieve :

  • Improvement in waste — We reduce the waste level around 15% of their prior achievement.
  • Improvement in machinery — We achieve about 18% improvement in productivity of the machines.

Kusuma Widjaja, Director, Bentoel Prima


Faktor penghematan dan peningkatan produktivitas diatas sangat berpengaruh pada kinerja keseluruhan dan profitabilitas PT Temprint. Pada akhirnya… kami dapat membukukan keuntungan dalam empat bulan terakhir.

Herry Hernawan, Presiden Direktur, Temprint


The main objective of this project was meant to be a behaviour change program, and through the above, has resulted in :

  • Improvement in machine productivity by 18%.
  • Reduction in raw material losses by 14%.
  • Reduction in failure by manufacturing by 52%.

I am pleased to inform you that the project is successfull, and it meets out expectation.

Sardar Ahmed, Operations Director, Frisian Flag Indonesia


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Productivity Improvement
Training & Outbound
Manpower Services
Energy Efficiency




Jl Let. Jend. MT. Haryono
Kav. 2-3, RT. 1/RW. 6, 16th
Floor Noble 1615 Tebet –
Jakarta Selatan 12810.
Phone: 021-806 25846
Fax: 021-806 25847


Jababeka Education Park
Jl KH Dewantara, Info Plasa No 75
Jababeka, Cikarang Baru –
Bekasi. 17530
Phone : 021-8911 2221/1123/0429
Fax : 021-8911 2217


Matahari Residence
Jl Terusan Bojongsoang,
Bale Endah Blok A No 26
Bandung – Jawa Barat
Phone : 022-6170 8996

Stay connected with us
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Email : support@provenforceindonesia.com


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